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Welcome Jennings Family!

Thursday, March 3rd

All of us here at Baxter & Bella are very excited to train your new puppy and begin preparing him to come live with you. We know first-hand how exciting a new puppy is and want to invite you to be able to follow along with us every step of the way throughout this training adventure!


In order to help accomplish this, we have set up the following online webpage just for you! We encourage you, your family and any friends you choose to invite to visit this personalized puppy portal and check in regularly to see new pictures, watch updated videos and read our ongoing journal entries as your puppy makes progress through the Baxter & Bella PUPPY PREPARED Training Program!


Also, we have uploaded a discussion section to the right should you want to start a dialogue, ask a question, make a suggestion, leave a comment and or just to keep in touch directly with us regarding your puppy's training. Likewise, we always welcome you to contact us directly anytime as we look forward to sharing with you how he is doing. 


Moreover, as you watch closely and observe as your puppy is properly housetrained, he practices his manners, performs his commands and is socialized to the world around him, we encourage you to pay special attention to how we are working with him, including the words we use. For optimal long term outcomes, it will be critical for you to be ready to reinforce what he is learning in your home as it has been taught here in ours. As part of our program we will also be working with you to make sure you are ready for him once he is ready for you. As a Baxter & Bella Program Graduate, you will enjoy a lifetime of support whenever you need it!


Lastly, have a look below for an ongoing glimpse into how he is doing today and enjoy as he continues to make consistent progress forward. Again and always, thank you for giving us this great privilege!

Thursday 6/2/16

This week George has accompanied me to several different stores. We work on his sit, down and stay as well as his walk, better hurry and not floor surfing skills. He likes the front seat of my car and gets to sit there sometimes on short excursions. His new commands this week are: halt, heel, nudge and find. He picks things up quickly and we make sure to review all commands on a daily basis. His adult teeth are now in hooray and the kids are done with school so he'll be excited to have more playmates around. Hope you are doing well!

Wednesday 5/25/16

George has been working hard on his commands. For play time this week we spent some time on the tennis court. George is the best ball boy ever! Every tennis player needs one! When the ball hit the net, we told George to get it, bring it here & give. He did so happily over twenty times at least. We had so much fun! I need to try and video it - it's so cute to watch. 

Tuesday 5/24/16

George is having a good week. He lost a lot of teeth the past few days and his adult teeth are coming in nicely - though this makes him want to chew A LOT! I give him plenty of chew toys including some nylabones and benebones which help immensely. This week we are focusing on place (today he did five minutes at a time!), heel, nudge, get it, bring it here and give. He loves to play and so we work short 5-10 minute training sessions into our daily routine every so often. Today we worked on place while I was making cookies & dinner in the kitchen. Yesterday we played outside and worked on his recall off leash. He is getting much better every time we go out. He is tall enough now and has figured out that he can jump up on the couch. He LOVES to snuggle when we are taking a nap or relaxing. The other night I told him it was bedtime - he ran to the couch, jumped up on it and laid down as if to say, "This is my new bed." He is such a clown! 

Thursday 5/19/16

Friday 5/13/16

I took George to the 3rd grade talent show today in the school gymnasium full of kids, parents and teachers. He was content to lay at my feet for 45 minutes with a few breaks in between to stretch. I was very impressed with his good behavior during the performances. 


We have reached the end of our ten week contract and as such I am starting to report to Sam, the head trainer with Good Dog Autism Companions. This includes a weekly video, daily training log and weekly phone call session with her to discuss George's progress. My plan is to continue to post here on my site, though it probably will not be daily. 


We are working hard and George is doing really well with his commands! Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday 5/12/16

Wednesday 5/11/16

I worked on George's attention walk today and tried to video a little part of it for you. We work on two types of walking - one is an attention walk where I expect him to stay close to me and the other is an off leash walk where he can run ahead as long as he stays near and checks in with me when I ask him to. That allows him to be a dog and sniff/smell around while the attention walk is more taxing on their brains. The video shows his commands first ( some of them) and then his attention walk. I expect him to sit when I stop and Let's Go tells him to start walking again.

Tuesday 5/10/16

I took George to a therapy office and worked on his commands in the waiting room. We went through sit, down, stay, go in, here, touch and let's go. He is such a good puppy. I also took him to a park and worked on his off leash obedience. He did great! I attach a long line to him so he can't run off and so I can reinforce the commands if needed with a slight tug to get his attention. He is improving a lot in this area. Come, fetch, drop it and attention all were worked on. He loves to run and play chase (he chases us!) Emma and I had a great time running away from him and George loved every minute! 

Monday 5/9/16

George went everywhere with me today. First we went to IFA to get a few dog supplies. Then we went to Sam's Club for snacks - George sat in the cart - EVERYONE wanted to know what kind of dog he is :) He is pretty cool looking! After that we went through the drive thru at the bank and then off to Cafe Rio for some lunch. Cafe Rio was his first experience in a restaurant so I took him out on the patio after getting my meal to practice his "Go In" command. He was great! We were able to practice sit, down, stay, closer, here and attention walking while out and about today. We went through all other commands at home focusing on "George" and "Get Your Leash" specifically. He is picking up the leash and handing it to me so I will start targeting the end of the leash as we move forward. Oh and he lost a tooth today! The first one I've found and Emma was very excited about it! 

Friday 5/6/16

Best Buddies

Today was a very busy day. George attended Utah Sate University's graduation parade and watched politely as the color guard marched by, musicians played bagpipes, drummers drummed and hundreds of graduates in cap and gown marched by. The other bonus to this outing was that the only escalator in Logan was working today so my nieces and nephews accompanied both Goerge and I up the escalator and down the elevator. He was a star. After the ceremony we threw a surprise party for my sister (who graduated) at my house and George loved it. He was very polite to all guests - did not jump on anyone yea! George sat to be greeted and was happy to just be. He was most fascinated with my 94 year old grandma and loved the attention from my nephews. We demonstrated his commands to all who wanted to watch. They were impressed that he is so young but knows so much! He learned "Get your leash" yesterday and now picks it up from off the floor and hands it to me. I also let him sit in the front seat of our jeep today and he really liked it! I need to get a picture of how cute he looks sitting there. 

Wednesday 5/4/16

George met my nephew Grayson today and was so sweet to him. We practiced all commands while visitors were here and George did wonderfully well. I also took him on a little jog/walk this morning off leash. George LOVES to run in the back yard and he is fun to watch because of his long legs. His stays are back on track this week, his stitches are looking better and he is such a joy to have around. Occasionally he'll try to chew a rug or couch leg so we've worked hard on replacing or preventing. He's pretty good to settle down with a favorite chew toy or bully stick though. While outside his mind tends to quickly wander so we are focusing on outside attention this week. Squirrel??? I know right? I've created a simple long line that is light enough for him to drag around and long enough for me to keep him from running off as we work on come from longer distances. He is improving each time we go out.

Tuesday 5/3/16

Monday 5/2/16

George has a new seat in the car. He seems to love it haha! He is happy to not have to wear the cone anymore and enjoyed running around the yard today at full speed! He can run! George practiced his "Go In" command at the elementary school again today and did great. We went during recess today and lots of kids stopped to ask if they could pet George. He was very well behaved and sat politely while they each took a turn. Tonight he came with my family to the Sports Academy and watched as my kids swam. He was great - it was funny to watch him make sense of the wet, loud, splashing kids. His tail was wagging and I think he would have jumped in if I let him. This summer when it warms up we'll have to take him to the lake. Hope you are all doing well! George likes practicing his commands and is getting better every day. I worked on commands in real life settings today such as place, down stay, sit, closer and leave it. His learning is starting to transfer over to habits and that's exciting!

Saturday 4/30/16

George is recovering well from his neuter. Training has been a little rough this week as the cone makes it difficult for him to see and focus. I took it off as much as possible and all commands went well with exception to long stays as he would start playing with his stitches. So that took a back seat this week and we'll get them back up to par next week. He came to the park with us today and his attention walk was great even with all the distractions around us. He loves kids and is very gentle when meeting them. He also accompanied me to a green house to purchase a tree and was very well mannered as we waited in line to pay. He isi doing great with house training both downstairs and upstairs in my house. He makes his way to the back door all by himself when he needs to go! Yea!

Wednesday 4/27/16

Monday 4/25/16

As you can see, George had a less than fun day but he did great and is feeling well tonight. He really wants to run and play in fact but can't today so he has sad eyes. He pretty much got the day off and we'll see how he is feeling in the morning! 

Saturday 4/23/16

My girls and their friend (along with their sidekick Bruno) helped shoot a video of George's emerging doorway manners last night. He is such a polite dog and picks up on useful behaviors quickly. There is no messing around with George. The more I mix up the commands the better response I get from him and that will translate well into normal everyday life because that is how his commands will come at him usually. 


George has a big morning on Monday as he is getting neutered. I ordered his heartworm medicine (given to evey dog once a month) and it arrived today with some sweet potato treats that he is loving! He likes his new bed, so thank you and hope you guys are doing great!

Friday 4/22/16

Here is a short clip of several commands I am working on with George. He is doing great! His sit stay is to a minute and his down stay is to two. I am thrilled that he will roll over with just the word now and he is showing so much progress in all commands. I took him on an off leash walk through the park today and he adored it. He was very good to check in with me every few minutes and enjoyed running around like a dog should. 

Wednesday 4/20/16

George learned a new command today, jump on. He picked it up pretty quickly! Then we practiced both jump on and off together. He is getting better at get it and give as well as rolling over with just the command. His walk today was really great! I walked in zigzags and changed my pace from fast to slow at random times. He stayed right with me. George loves his nap times and goes right in his kennel on command when I am not even standing by it. 


Brushing is getting easier and easier. He lets me file his nails (though he does best when he is on my grooming table) and I brush his teeth with my finger. We are still working on progressing to a brush for that. This morning I noticed his ears were a little smelly so I cleaned them out and we'll see if it improves. Hopefully he does not have issues with ear infections! 


George is also becoming more proficient at ringing the bells when he needs to go out and goes pretty quickly on command when we are out and about.

Tuesday 4/19/16

George had a great day today with several break throughs. He rolled over on a verbal command only, went in his kennel when I said the command from across the room and responded to both place and go in from several feet away. So exciting to see him progress! He had a busy day as well. He came with me to shop at Lowe's for some flowers. He was very well behaved as we worked on here, closer and sit. George always spots the car before me though and wants to make a bee line for it when we are done shopping so we did some stop and go in the parking lot, much to the amusement of fellow shoppers I am sure lol. He sits politely every time he gets to the car waiting to be lifted inside. He then came to Providence with me where he played with my dad's dog while we worked on a chicken coop. As for tonight, we attended three soccer games, the first being at the local high school so we sat on bleachers. Goerge didn't mind a bit. He's now nestled down for a peaceful night's rest gearing up for more training tomorrow! 

Monday 4/18/16

George came to help with kindergarten testing today and I tried out his "Go In" command. He went right under my desk, laid down and stayed there for thirty minutes! I was so proud of him. He LOVES kids and enjoys the elementary school. He has learned a few new commands this week: closer, back, out and relax. He's so little I do the relax command from the floor. I just sit on my feet and then his head can reach my lap. We'll see how big he gets eventually. Same for lap....I sit on the floor because even my smallest chair is too high. That being said though, he is definitely growing! I think he gets bigger every day! We went grocery shopping the other day and ran into an old friend whose son passed away a few years ago after battling with cancer. He was so excited to see George because he remembers the sweet dogs just like him who came to Primary Children's Hospital to visit his son. He works at the grocery store and was very welcoming to a service dog lke George. I love hearing stories of how dog's help others in times of need. I love doing what I do and try to prepare George the best I can every day for you Janey! You're gonna love him, I know it!

Friday 4/15/16

Thursday 4/14/16

George had a good day today. It was raining and snowing so we spent our day inside housetraining and working on commands. Kennel has become one of his favorites and tonight at bedtime I told him kennel from the other side of the room, he got up, ran to his kennel, plopped down, and settled in for the night. My family's favorite command is lay on. They all want to try it! 

Wednesday 4/13/16

George helped me shoot some "HOW TO" videos for my site today. This is the DOWN video. He was so good to cooperate. We worked on all commands today, which is getting to be quite the list. I focused on extending the stays more as well as using the closer command while on a walk. He knows the commands pretty well but I need to move towards just using the word with no hand signals on more of them. He's ready for some of that as you can see he does so well with the DOWN command. His kennel command has improved to just the word as I point to it which I'm excited about because he relied on a lure for awhile. His house training is going great. He loves to ring the bells to go out and keeps a space of about 2500 sq ft clean at this point (more if I'd let him, that's just how big my main floor and basement areas are separately), though he does great on either level. Go George! 

Tuesday 4/12/16

Today I worked on lengthening George's stays. I have also started adding distractions and increasing difficulty. For example, I had him stay at the park, in different locations around my home, randomly throughout the day, and I tossed treats and toys around all while he had to stay put. He did great! We also worked specifically on back, closer, hug and I taught him lay on. Emma helped with that one and absolutely loved it. George likes that one too! After our morning training session (it went a bit long) I let him play while I focused on his housetraining. George decided he needed a nap and put himself down for a rest by climbing in his kennel without being asked lol. I just love this dog. I think he's human half the time. 

George's Training


Monday 4/11/16

Look what came in the mail!? George loves it!  He jumped right in and started chewing on the chew toy that came with it. Thanks! 


We took him to a school carnival tonight with bounce houses, lots of kids, loud voices, music, popcorn and fun! He was very well behaved. He is so calm when kids come to pet him and for the ones who like it, he jumps right in their laps for petting! 


Scott took him on several walks today and he did great. (Both Scott & George lol!)


Friday 4/8/16

Bed Time

The other night we were finishing a play session and George was clearly tired. He simply walked over to his kennel, climbed inside and settled down for sleep. He makes me smile. The cutest thing he does lately is during meal times. As soon as I bring the food out, he runs around then plops into a happy sit right in the middle of the rug and waits for the release command so he can eat. It's so funny! I will try to get a video of it this next week. 


The picture of him at my feet is at the elementary school during Emma's speech session. This is how he behaves in public. Amazing. He also came to Emma's kindergarten class for her BEARY SPECIAL ME day. Emma wanted to show her friends some of his tricks. He was wonderful in class and very polite/calm. The children loved him. 



Wednesday 4/6/16

George absolutely LOVES to run around outside. Enjoys just being in the open, rolling in the grass and running full speed around and around and around. 


Yesterday we walked around Sportsmand's Warehouse and practiced some commands while in public. He does very well at going to the bathroom on command before we go in places and his walk was really nice. He stayed close by, didn't pull and did not pay attention to people when they walked by. 


Today he came to the Elementary school with me so I worked on his "GO IN" command. He settled at my feet and fell asleep for the twenty mintues we were there. So nice. 


Last night he slept nine hours again and was great in his crate during the day today. (He always is.) He is getting the hang of the "GET IT" command so today I started moving the dumbbell around to different places. 


We also worked on lengthening his stays. They get better every day as well as the "PLACE" and "WAIT" commands. His leash walking is good if we are on an actual walk but when he is on leash around the house he tries to pull his way around, but I stand still and we play the "STOP AND GO" game. He is starting to catch on quickly to it - can't you just picture the silly scene we make as he tries to gallop ahead, then I suddenly stop, so he calms down and looks at me, then I go so he tries to gallop ahead and I stop....yeah it's pretty funny I'm sure but is definitely paying off. Kids have asked me to walk him when at the school or park but I kindly say no as I am vested in the loose leash concept at this point and am winning the game lol! I love George's quirky loveable personality - so calm one minute then bouncy and playful the next. 


George got a bath tonight and was fabulous! He even sat still for the blow dryer. He is getting very good at letting me play with his teeth, brushing, clipping nails (still working on the dremel but we have done two paws with it) and cleaning eyes/ears. 


We added fix this week (still a work in progress) and the dress command was awesome today. First day he didn't try to back away from it. I think he's going to like his job! 

Monday 4/4/16

Janey and George met for the first time Monday! It's a match made in heaven I think. George was recovering from his last set of immunizations and unfortunately was not quite himself but still just as loveable as ever. He's feeling much better now Janey and next time you come will be up for that game of Hide N' Go Seek! It was so nice to meet you and we hope you come often to visit!

Friday 4/1/16

Grooming time

   -Nails, brush, paws, clippers

Cache Valley Fun Park

Salt Lake City







Wednesday 3/30/16

Monday 3/28/16

Playtime is my FAVORITE!

Friday 3/25/16

Today's Outing...

The grocery store!

Thursday 3/24/16

New Commands:


Go In

High Five


Practiced Today:














Leave It


Go Get It

Bring it here

Let's Go

Better Hurry

Wednesday 3/23/16

Tuesday 3/22/16

I had to post a picture of George stretched out on the floor! He is so funny sometimes. Today we worked on: come, sit, down, release, wait, touch, shake, roll, lap, off, leave it, kennel, place, better hurry, leash walking and place as well as paying attention to his name when I say "George". He transitioned easily to the new words and I like them too. I also brushed him, cleaned his teeth, gave him a bath and used the blow dryer to dry him off. He rang the bells twice today to go outside which always makes me happy! (YouTube was being funny tonight so I will try to post today's video in the morning.)

Monday 3/21/16

George had a busy weekend! On Saturday he sat on my lap for an ATV ride up the canyon. We then went on an off leash walk along the base of the mountain. He was fabulous and we practiced recalls along the way.  Sunday, we visited my parent's home where he was able to socialize with their dog as we spent the sunny afternoon in their yard. He is very gentle with everyone he meets and loved snuggling with my 92- year-old grandma. 


As for the autism program, I talked with Laura on Friday and am now receiving the trainer emails with the specific words they would like me to use. I spent the weekend adjusting and am now on track so things should be much smoother for you at training this summer. George is doing well with the commands he knows: yes, release, place, sit, down, wait, roll, shake, touch, let's go, better hurry, kennel, name, come and kiss. We have a list of new commands we will start on tomorrow. He is sleeping eight hours through the night and is quiet in his crate during the day for a two hour period of time.


Goerge continues to meet new people and things everyday. Today he met horses and was fascinated by them, walking right up to the fence to try and touch their noses. He also is becoming a recognizable favorite at the elementary school where he spent an hour with me today testing kindergarteners. He relaxed beneath my chair for an hour with zero issues. I enjoy taking him places with me because he is so well-behaved.

Friday 3/18/16

George came with me to grade papers at the elementary school today. The entire third grade class rushed to his side to say hello and pet him. He sat like a perfect gentleman and graciously accepted the attention. We worked more on the commands from this week. I spoke with Laura on the phone this afternoon and will start to implement their command language to make things easier for your family when you go to training. There are just a few differences - nothing too major. In fact, I think the changes will improve my training skills and am excited to try some of them. George had a good day. I trimmed the hair above his eyes so he can see again lol!

Thursday 3/17/16

I've learned by doing videos my shoes don't match and I talk too much. I will work on it, but for today ENJOY! George loved today's new commands. We also visited the grocery store to pick up medicine for Emma, the library to check out a few books and the elementary school while Emma went to speech. He is an angel wherever we go.

Wednesday 3/16/16

New  commands today:

  1. touch

  2. roll

  3. kiss

  4. leave it

Tuesday 3/15/16

Monday 3/14/16

I took George on more outings today. First we went to Staples as I needed to get some things printed. He was a champ. He went potty on command outside upon our arrival then followed me in, waiting at the sliding doors for an "OK" before entering. We worked on sit and down while I waited in line to be helped. He remained in a calm down position while I placed my order and then followed me back out again. Awesome! Then we went to USU"s campus to find an elevator and escalator. Unfortunately, the escalator was not running but I was able to get him to walk on it. The elevator worked so we rode it up and down; George didn't mind a bit, even when the floor shook slightly. I'll have to take him to Salt Lake to find running escalators. 


I free-shaped the crate command with him today and I laughed out loud because it took him all of two seconds. He just went right in. I guess he showed me! We are starting stays this week and he LOVES the lap command. 

Saturday 3/12/16

George has had a busy weekend! He attended two indoor soccer games, met many new people, and went on an off leash walk at our local high school on and around the metal bleachers, turf, track, sand pit and grassy areas. He ran up and down the noisy bleachers without a second thought. This week my goal is to find an elevator and escalator in Logan to see how he does with those. 


Everywhere we go people stop and ask us what breed he is and are amazed at his gorgeous eyes and wonderful coat. So many leave saying, "I want one of those!" Everyone wants a George because he is a snuggle, cuddly lovable dog. His leash walking is greatly improving and he goes potty on command regularly now. He is waiting at doorways more consistently and completely relaxes when we are in public. He looks just like the picture on Friday with his red chew toy when we go places. He literally melts at my feet and chills until it is time to go. Makes my job easier! 

Friday 3/11/16

Today George worked on: come, sit, down, watch me, go to bed, leash walking, doorways, going down stairs (he's so funny at it but getting better haha!) and housetraining. We also experimented with him laying on Emma and Katelyn. He did quite well actually and they LOVED it! Everyone who meets him falls in love with him right away. Occasionally he will get super excited and try to jump but for the most part he is doing well to remain on the floor. Still working on the "OFF" command as he tries to jump on the couch if we are sitting there, but it too is improving. He is a cute puppy and the COME command helps with his attention in the yard. He has been here for one week now and is doing very well at going potty on command and sleeping through the night. *I lost my voice this week and so videos have been minimal. I will try to get one for you this weekend!

Thursday 3/10/16

George is doing great! He is sleeping 8 hours at night quietly in his crate without any issues. He calms right down in the crate during the day as well. We worked on watch me and come these past two days with emphasis on come when distractions are present. We also have done more leash work and have him to the point that we can take short walks up and down our sidewalk with attention. He doesn't especially love treats on the walk so I have been giving him verbal praise which he seems to respond well too. We visited the vet this morning where he was able to get his second round of immunizations. He was very brave and calm. While we were waiting I went through the commands he knows and he did them all even in the new surroundings which was great. He is on the schedule to be neutered on the 25th of April so no problems there. The vet said he looks very healthy and is a nice 9.6 lbs of love. He literally melts in your arms and LOVES his snuggle time. George continues to learn each day as we wait at doorways, expect him to sit for petting or toys and we targeted the bells with peanut butter yesterday to help him find them on his own. Today we will spend the afternoon housetraining to see how long he will hold it indoors. We'll let you know how that goes! 

Tuesday 3/8/16

Today our main focus is housetraining. We have spent the day settling down for crate time, going out to go potty, then playing inside and repeating. Of course we mix the commands in with the housetraining by expecting a wait at all doorways, sit to be greeted and to have toys thrown, drop-it with bones, toys and so forth. The video shows George chewing on a bully stick. He loves them! It's a good idea to always have appropriate things for your puppy to chew on readily available as it prevents him from chewing your expensive items like furniture, shoes and other fun things he might find around the house. I also keep him on a short leash when he is inside so he is easy to catch if I need to in order to prevent accidents. So far so good today! One day at a time :) 

Monday 3/7/16

George has had a busy weekend and a fabulous start to this week. So far, we have worked on : watch me, come, sit, down, doorway manners, housetraining, drop it and leash work, all while socializing him to a new house, new family, new yard, new city and new sleeping arrangements! It took him a day for his personality to start shining through, once he overcame the initial transition period. He has gone on several outings already, sporting his little red service dog vest. On Friday I took him to IFA Country Store to purchase a few necessary items. He was great! Sure, we walked at a snail's pace but he did walk and his tail was wagging, a good sign. On the way home we stopped by my neighbor's farm where he was able to meet alpacas, sheep, chickens and horses. He loved the chickens! 


On Saturday we went to my daughter's indoor soccer game. He was so good to settle down by me as I watched the game. When kids came to pet him he was so gentle and patient with them. He loves to roll over and offer his belly to be rubbed! So funny! He stretches out and enjoys every second. Sunday we went on a country walk off leash with the other dogs and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. He stayed close behind me but took time to sniff about before catching back up again. I like off leash walks and use them to practice commands such as watch me and come. Today I took him to the elementary school while I volunteered in my daughter's classroom. He sat at my feet and chewed his toy for an hour! I was so impressed. When kids asked to pet him he just laid there calmly. He has a very soft mouth and keeps his teeth to himself. Some puppies aren't so thoughtful.


George is sleeping 7 hours at night and settles down in his crate during the day without much whining. He is a social puppy and loves to play with his brother and Bruno. A whole new side to his personality comes out during play time.  The main focus right now for George is attention and transferring that to the yard and other places when he'd rather be chasing a leaf. He gets distracted easily so we will keep working on improving that. We started leash walking today and he did great for his first official attention walk. The first two days at home he was not excited about the leash and it was all I could do to get him to move with it attached, but today we made real progress and he is accepting it as his new way of life haha. In short, George is a wonderful puppy - outgoing yet calm, fun and playful, full of love and very gentle. I think he will make a wonderful service dog for you Janey! 

Friday 3/4/16

Today was his (George"s) first full day with us here at Baxter & Bella and it was without any doubt, A FULL DAY!


For starters we loaded the "Marker" with him, which is to say we taught him one of the most important words he will ever learn in effectively communicating with us... enthusiasticly saying "OK!" Similar to clicker training like we discussed when you were here (other than you are not required to carry a clicker around with you everywhere you go), an enthusiastic "OK" will always be used to instantly "mark" or signal to him when he has offered a correct/ desired behavior. In this case, we are able to communicate with him when we are happy with what he has done and begin to encourage more of it. For example, today when he successfullly went potty (3) times outside where I wanted, I was ready with a yummy treat and immediately said "OK" to let him know this was the correct behavior. NOTE: You and your family will want to practice enthusiastically saying "OK" too as this will become a powerful way for you to effecticely communicate with him throughout the future! Practice as a family and let us know who is best at saying "OK" in an enthusiastic and fun loving way.


Also, we spent part of our day learning to sit in oder to be greeted, doorway manners, settling down in his crate and the very beginnings of a come command. Likewise, throughout the day we focused some attention on helping him become more comfortable with a leash for walking and upcoming leash-work lessons.


Moreoever, with the weather outside so great, we allocated time this afternoon to playing on the grass, cuddling with the kids and some simple fetch. Mostly, we got to know him better and helped him get to know us too. Lastly, as we saw yesterday and realized again today, he is a lovable, gentle puppy with a playful personality and a huge heart.

Thursday 3/3/16

As the saying goes, when one door closes another one opens and today that is exactly what happened for your new puppy... as well as for us! Early this afternoon, we picked him up and his journey in the PUPPY PREPARED Professional Immersion Training Program officially commenced. Likewise, early this afternoon we were introduced firsthand to a very, very, very special puppy. Be it noted that we have the honor and privilege of interacting with many amazing pets, but there is something extra special about this one and we knew right out of the gates.


In fact, it all started with the car ride home and although he wasn't the bravest, his big green eyes and tender heart beckoned us to cuddle him close in an effort to help manage all the nervousness with all the newness around him. His soft and naturally wavy coat draws attention from anyone and everyone we interacted with on the way home, causing a small crowd to gather around us at the rest stop when we all needed a little break. Similarly, although timid at first, this puppy has come full circle this evening. He enjoyed playing outside with Ozzy and Bruno. It didn't take him long to start wagging his tail and run around! We also took him to the puppy social class tonight where he was able to see new things, meet new puppies and greet other families. We are happy to report that he is officially tired and has now settled happily down for the night in his crate without a peep.


In short, his personality is super contagious and he is a gentle giant of puppies. Already, be it but a very short time that we have had to interact with him here in our home, we are each smitten and in love - he has won us over ever so quickly and we look forward to training him to become that perfect canine companion for you. 


Stay tuned as we expect great things for him and you throughout the future.