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Welcome to

The Online Puppy School!

Start Here For New Puppy Parents: 

  • Ideally, begin this course two weeks BEFORE your puppy comes home so you don't feel overwhelmed. 

  • Click on PUPPY PREP LESSONS to start the school. This is the main TABLE OF CONTENTS.

  • Play PAWSFIT Games & Activities daily. 

  • Visit the ASK THE TRAINER page when you have questions. 

  • Schedule LIVE! Office Hours for one-on-one video training sessions with our trainers as needed.

  • Attend LIVE! Canine Coaching classes for help and view previously recorded classes on demand.


  • Have FUN & happy training! We are here to help every step of the way!

Helpful Tips To Get Kids Started:

Your Learning Starts Below

PUPPY PREP - Lessons & Videos
Our signature step-by-step instructional training curriculum that is as much about teaching your dog how to act, as it is about coaching you how to train and includes over 60 individualized lesson plans, how-to video demonstrations, printable charts & checklists, in addition to the tips, tricks, tools and techniques we use personally and professionally with every new canine companion we work with!
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We've taken our PUPPY PREP curriculum and simplified it by highlighting the lessons we HIGHLY recommend without all the extras.

NOTE: We do suggest doing ALL socialization sections from every lesson as this is very important for puppies during the first 16 weeks. You can start with the activities from the lessons below then work to expand with the other lessons in PUPPY PREP. The PREP UNIT contains a master socialization checklist that will help as well.
If and when you have a comment, a question or even a suggestion, this VIP messaging center is individualized just for you! Inclusive of all the most common questions we are asked regularly, as well as providing you the opportunity to email directly with us, we encourage you to review what’s being asked, to read through the questions, to contact us directly and check back often to see what others are asking and learning about too!
Is all about helping you and your puppy one-on-one! Schedule a time for us to talk all things pet parenting, to work together on a personalized training plan and to answer your individualized questions. What's more, with video-enabled meetings, we can watch you working with your dog and offer feedback specifically tailored to your needs, as well as invite you to observe us and see exactly how we do it for optimal outcomes!
These LIVE! video-enabled group classes are the perfect compliment to our PUPPY PREP curriculum as we study a variety of training topics, share ideas and best practices! Inclusive of both instructional slides and applicable video examples, we will encourage class participation and proactively plan for member questions. Attend as often as you would like and watch the recordings as much as you need from the convenience of our own home!
A weekly puppy training podcast from BAXTER & Bella owner and creator Amy Jensen talking all things canine companionship, as she shares ideas and some of our favorite tips, tricks, tools and techniques that lead to better animal ownership and the very best in canine companionship, answering common questions, highlighting best practices and providing yet another convenient way for busy animal owners to learn more and become better!
Just like in real life, the saying is, “you gotta use it or you're gonna lose it!” These fun-filled games, activities and boredom busters are mini training sessions to increase patience and impulse control, to push learning and to pass time in a creative, constructive and complimentary kind of way, exciting, exercising and educating your dog where all involved leave healthier and happier!
A dedicated pet-parenting place for animal owners to ask lingering questions, to share great ideas and to learn of best practices together... plan to visit our Puppy Parent Forum often in order to see what others just like you are discussing and don't hesitate to become regularly involved as active participation is a proven tool of learning more and becoming better in beneficial, rewarding and worthwhile ways!
A dedicated department for all of our videos, including but certainly not limited to every how-to demonstration we have throughout the entire PUPPY PREP curriculum, quick links to each of our recorded LIVE! Canine Coaching Classes, as well as ancillary footage of some of our service dogs in training, all demonstrating the tips, tricks, tools, and techniques we use personally and professionally so you can see exactly how we do it!
Our BAXTER & Bella Blog is a simple collection of informational writings showcasing some of our more popular online articles on various puppy parenting topics. Moreover, if you are one who enjoys reading some of the everyday training tips, tricks, tools and techniques that we user personally and professionally with all the dogs we work with, well then here you go - ENJOY!
A library of sorts for the collection and safe keeping of many of our very favorite reference materials, items we love to read and review, articles that are excellently educational and infographics that quickly touch upon some of the more tricky topics and other great resources as just one more way we are working to help you and your puppy become best friends through love and learning!
In addition to all the great resources right here on our website, we also have a MEMBERS ONLY Facebook Group you can join, an Instagram account you can follow, a YouTube channel we recommend you subscribe to and other social stuff too...
All additional resources to help you learn more
and become better sooner rather than later - if you haven't done so already, well you should!
OK… simply stated, it's always nice to hear how we are doing, especially if and when you feel we have gone above and beyond in meeting and exceeding your expectations! Don't be shy, show us some love, leave a review and help us to help others understand why you personally recommend and rank BAXTER & Bella puppy training with 5 stars - thank you, your contributions are very much recognized and appreciated!
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