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The Online Puppy School

The #1 item we recommend to every new puppy owner is unlimited lifetime membership to The Online Puppy School, where you will find every resource you will need to raise your puppy like a professional, including lessons, how-to videos, LIVE! puppy classes and Office Hours with our trainer. We basically hold your hand every step of the way until you have a calm, obedient, well-mannered canine companion who is the ideal family pet!

pawTree Treats, Toys & Seasonings


We use pawTree freeze dred training treats & toys as rewards, reinforcement and redirection tools, in addition to pawTree seasonings on our dogs meals. The ingredients and materials are top-notch, there are many options to choose from and our dogs LOVE them... just think it's nutritious, delicious, of a high quality and used by professionals like us!. 




Want to keep your pet’s bed and your home odor-free? Here is the most washable dog bed ever because it unzips and unfolds completely, so you can wash it in your washing machine, just like you would a blanket, and not just the outside cover but the entire bed! Use code BAXTER to save 15% off

Find products we use and trust on AMAZON by clicking the links below. These are our favorite things when it comes to raising puppies! Be sure to pay attention to sizes especially with chew toys. Kongs for example come in several sizes. Make sure you buy one big enough your puppy can't swallow it. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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