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PARTNERS PDFs & Printables

Included below are a number of the more common PDFs & Printables our PARTNERS have sent out to their family, friends and followers announcing the exciting news of us now working together and highlighting some of the great resources that come with Lifetime MEMBERS ONLY access. Feel free to use these as you see fit and please don't hesitate to share with us what further you would like moving forward so we can begin creating it and include it here for others to use as well - thanks!

MEMBERS ONLY area overview... A PDF highlighting all of the resources included exclusively inside!

WHY IT WAS CREATED: Not long after we on-boarded our initial PARTNERS, we were asked to create a one-page document brochure to help explain to upcoming puppy parents all of the great resources that are included with Lifetime MEMBERS ONLY access! Remember to point out that both LIVE! Office Hours With Amy (one-on-one professional help) and LIVE! Canine Coaching Classes (regularly scheduled online puppy classes) are always included and unlimited use - a HUGE winning feature!


* Email us for a personalized copy of this document with your unique DISCOUNT CODE included on the bottom!

B&B MEMBERS ONLY overview.jpg

Print it out & share!

PUPPY PREP Overview &... Making it easy to explain how the program works and what topics are included!

WHY THESE WERE CREATED: Similar to above, PARTNERS were excited to share with all their puppy parents everything was included in the online puppy school step-by-step curriculum, so we created the following two documents to not only outline what PUPPY PREP looks like, but also highlighting all of the individualized lessons and socialization field trips that are strategically included - Don't forget to point out that the program is best followed by beginning before their puppy even comes home with both the INTRO and PREP Units!


* Email us for a personalized copy of these documents with your unique DISCOUNT CODE included on the bottom!

B&B PUPPY PREP program overview.jpg

Print it out & share!

Print it out & share!

B&B PUPPY PREP Checklist Chart.jpg