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It is without any doubt that we would love for you to help us connect with other potential pet-providing PARTNERS just like you! Family, friends, followers and industry colleagues who you believe would also see the value in what we have to offer.


We ask you to personally recommend us to them, have that initial conversation with them and then help us facilitate an introductory initial meeting by filling in the PARTNERS Referral Bonus Submission Form below – Don't worry, we will reward you with $100 once they officially become part of our PARTNERS family and utilize their unique discount code for the very first time!

"Simply stated, when you refer a family, friend or industry colleague to us and they become PARTNERS with us, once their unique discount code is used for the first time, we pay you a PARTNERS Referral Bonus of $100!

Our decision to partner with canine community influencers comes from a sincere desire to positively impact the puppy population for good! Simply stated, we know the right partners will create additional opportunities for us to do more for pet parents, to build upon the current training processes of today, to discover the tips, tricks, tools and techniques of tomorrow and lead toward better animal ownership and the very best in canine companionship!


If you are a MEMBERS ONLY user, prior to filing out this form, and in order to make sure it processes the information correctly, VERIFY you are not currently logged into your MEMBERS ONLY account. In short, please LOG OUT FIRST if you see your name in the top right corner. However, if you see the "Log In" option at the top of the screen, you are good to proceed - thanks!

PARTNERS Referral Bonus Submission Form

Enter the referring potential PARTNERS information below and we will take it from there... and don't worry we will professionally contact them and follow up with you as necessary moving forward. Anyhow, thank you for helping us share all that BAXTER & Bella has to offer and know we recognize and appreciate your efforts!

Thanks for submitting!