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Introducing BAXTER & Bella's Online Puppy School

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We have really exciting news!


Recognizing the importance of training and wanting to help you get started in the right direction as quickly as possible, we have partnered with BAXTER & Bella to provide discounted lifetime access to their exclusive PUPPY PREP online training school, including all the dog training resources you will ever need, leading to better animal ownership and the very best in canine companionship!

In order to save 25% instantly, remember to use discount code SAMPLE at checkout.

What is BAXTER & Bella's Online Puppy School and why do we choose to highly recommend it?

As a breeder, we naturally want the very best for our puppies and the families they ultimately join. We recognize and appreciate the excitement of bringing home a new canine companion, as well as the importance of supporting all of our new puppy parents along their raising and rearing journey. What's more, we realize there will be questions along the way of how to most effectively communicate with and efficiently train your new dog. With these needs in mind, we want all of our animal owners to have full access to the very best resources available today, complimented by what we have learned are like-minded animal owners, who also understand how to successfully train a well-behaved family pet. BAXTER & Bella is an online dog training company, located in the mountains of Northern Utah, owned and operated by Scott & Amy Jensen, who are not only puppy parents, dedicated dog trainers and service-oriented professionals, but some of the most canine committed people we have ever met. In fact, they have invested years into the creation of their online training program, going from individually training one dog at a time, to working with groups of puppy parents, to designing and developing a workbook of lesson plans and evolving little-by-little toward now owning and operating what appears to be the most comprehensive online dog training resource we have discovered. And maybe best of all, they do it as a labor of love, dedicated to doing whatever they can to help pet families everywhere successfully train their own dogs in order to keep more in loving homes where they belong!


Moreover, they view their role in the pet parenting world as an ideal and seamless intermediary as puppies transition out of the homes of reputable breeders and into the homes of loving families. As such, they are perfectly positioned to help new families properly prepare for the exciting arrival of their new canine companions, in addition to answering and addressing all of the common questions and concerns that seemingly come along with owning a new puppy. In fact, simply stated, the amount of resources found inside their MEMBERS ONLY area is incredible and provides pet parents with all the help they could ever need, again from even before your puppy comes home and onward through the life of your maturing dog. Additionally, seeing how the entire program is located online, the beauties of technology provide 24/7 access to each of the training materials, including, but certainly not limited to their signature PUPPY PREP training lessons, their imbedded how-to videos, their FAQs, their unlimited LIVE! Office Hours with Amy and Canine Coaching, as well as much, much more!


In short, by partnering with them, we have made the active decision to do what we can for all of our pet families by proactively recommending each and every one of our puppies be enrolled with the BAXTER & Bella online puppy school. It's never too early to start and partnering with the best has already proven to be a HUGE head start for many of our new pet parents, leading toward animal owners and canine companions that are actively engaged on the pathway towards "Becoming best friends through love and learning!"

See below for an overview of the resources found in their online program...

Key Features (copied and pasted from their website with permission)


Lifetime Access

  • PUPPY PREP: How-to videos and lesson plans for each new behavior (more than 60 total and counting) 

  • PAWSfit GAMES: Simple, fun games to start playing right away that teach your puppy patience

  • RESOURCE LIBRARY: A collection of all of our favorite articles & helpful information​

  • VIDEO ARCHIVES: All training videos in one convenient location

  • PARENT FORUM: A private Facebook Group where you can connect with others just like you!


Resources Galore

  • New Puppy Survival Guide

  • How to Set Up Your House

  • Family Planning Meeting

  • House Training Charts

  • Socialization Checklist

  • Goal Setting Sheet

  • 12 Month Puppy Health Timeline

  • Master Practice Chart

  • PDF Checklists for Each Lesson

  • Vocabulary Flashcards

  • Early Start Tips & Tricks

  • Sample Daily Schedules


LIVE! Support

  • ASK THE TRAINER: Search through FAQs or ask your own question & receive an answer directly from professional trainers

  • LIVE! CANINE COACHING: Weekly online puppy classes with in-depth tips, tricks and techniques

  • LIVE! OFFICE HOURS: Sign up for one-on-one video training sessions with Amy and your puppy

  • FACEBOOK LIVE! Weekly Q&A sessions with Amy and friends

As you can see, they offer everything you will need to know as you take your puppy from our home to yours and strongly recommend their online puppy school as your go-to training option. We are excited for you and your new puppy to embark on this training journey and look forward to hearing about the progress you make together!