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LIVE! Zoom Virtual Video

ONE-ON-ONE Video Session

Schedule one-on-one online training help with professional trainers!

  • 20 minutes

Service Description

Schedule a LIVE! one-on-one HELP video session (video is optional) with one of our trainer professionals and discuss anything and everything about your dog training experience. Be it biting, barking, resource guarding, growling, grooming, jumping, mouthing, crate training, potty training, house training, clicker training, exercise, activity, leash walking, manners, behaviors, meals, rewards, reinforcement, socialization, play and more, we are here for you and happy to help with training tips, tricks, tools and techniques we use personally and professionally. In short, our goal is to do everything we can in order to better help you to be successful in your training experience. Please verify your time zone when scheduling and we look forward to seeing you soon - thanks!

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