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with our easy-to-use and fun-to-follow online puppy school!

Welcome to BAXTER & Bella - The Online Puppy School!

Inclusive of more than 65 step-by-step lessons and over 100 how-to videos, in addition to unlimited LIVE! one-on-one professional help and canine coaching classes, as well as training games, field trips and activities, printable charts & checklists, and so much more, Lifetime MEMBERS ONLY Access is all about successfully helping you and your puppy become best friends through love and learning! 

We believe in...


force-free training methods

positive reinforcement with well-defined boundaries and realistic expectations


lifelong learning to enhance methods, improve materials and build better relationships!

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Customer Testimonials

The Puppy Training Podcast

Follow along with us

as Boots works toward becoming a Service Dog!

Read our story, see our pictures, watch our videos and feel free to interact with us every step of the way as we train our newest trainee, Boots, as a Good Dog! Autism Companion.

See how it all begins with a brand new puppy! Get the helpful tips, tricks, tools and techniques we use and you can learn to try with your puppy!