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Amy Video Interview

Let's be honest, pet people love FREE videos that will help them train their dog to be well mannered and better behaved - so we created a YouTube channel and work hard to update it regularly with ongoing videos we think you will enjoy... check it out, give us thumbs up and subscribe to be notified when new things are uploaded!

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Created for all of our thousands of pet parents who love to read about how to be more successful with animal ownership. As such, we regularly put together a blog on common canine categories and filled with many of our training tips, tricks, tools and techniques that can not only help you integrate a dog into your life, family and home, but also help you train your pup to be that calm, well mannered and better behaved canine companion too! Click HERE.



When you go to pick out your puppy, which one should you choose? Trust me when I say this, all of them will be super cute and you will want to have your puppy picking plan in place prior to playing with the liter in order to select the right one. Don't worry... we've got you covered! Read through our HOW TO PICK YOUR PUPPY outline before you go and leave with a decision you'll be proud of for years to come! 


Family Unwrapping

One of the first steps toward successful animal ownership is sitting down together and conducting a family meeting in order to get everyone on the same page... for example, where is your dog going to go to the bathroom, and are they allowed on the furniture - if so when? Our Family Meeting agenda will guide you through this process in a fun, rewarding and worthwhile way - ENJOY!

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OK, so you are finally preparing to bring home your new puppy and things are getting a little crazy... our NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE is the perfect companion guide to remind you of what is most important in the beginning when simply surviving is key! It reviews some of the more pressing puppy questions many new puppy parents have and also contains many of the must-know now informational tips for every new puppy owner!

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Are you bringing a new dog into your home soon? Learn how to set up your house, what you need to get ready and tips to be successful as you begin training. Considering this class is taught via zoom, you can easily join from the comfort and convenience of your living room, or anywhere you have an internet connection. Join with us for a free class and learn from some of the best dog trainers around how to properly prepare for the big day!

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