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The Online Puppy School! (Of course this is a favorite)

The #1 item we recommend to every new pet owner is our LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP, which never expires and includeS unlimited access to everything we offer!

Just imagine a STEP-BY-STEP PROGRAM of lessons and videos to follow, CLASSES & COURSES to attend, GAMES to play, ACTIVITIES for successful socialization, training tips & tricks, printable charts & checklists, as well as unlimited LIVE! HELP from our team of professional trainers, and so much more!

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Since I share great products with awesome people like you, naturally my content may contain affiliate links for products I use and love. If you take action (make a purchase) after clicking links below, I'll earn some training money which I can then spend on testing more amazing dog products to share with you. My opinions remain my own.

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Professional grade grooming tools to help you groom your own dog from home. Education is also available. Feel confident to groom your own dog with the help of Pupwell. Use code BAXTERANDBELLA to save.

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The PupPod app lets you connect with your best friend even when you're away from home. Start, stop, and control the game from your smartphone while watching your canine rockstar play, learn, and have fun! Use code BAXTERANDBELLA to save.

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Check out this elevated dog bed perfect for GO TO BED or PLACE training. It has a chew proof patented design and our dogs love it! A great fit for training puppies! Orders over $50+ get free shipping. 


Want to keep your pet’s bed and your home odor-free? Here is the most washable dog bed ever because it unzips and unfolds completely, so you can wash it in your washing machine, just like you would a blanket, and not just the outside cover but the entire bed! Use code BAXTER to save 15% off

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FIDO PRO Airlift

The Airlift is a lightweight, packable rescue sling designed so you can efficiently carry your dog if they become injured or sick while you’re hiking, skiing or simply out for a stroll. You’ll be able to carry your dog to safety — even if you're alone. Use code BAXTER&BELLA20 to save.


Nuts About Mutts Game

Grandpa Beck's Games are fun for the entire family! They have a game called "Nuts About Mutts" and we thought it would be fun to use this game as a training tool! As you practice getting your dog to stay on their bed, gradually lengthen the time by intermittently rewarding them with food while you and your family play this game. Use code Baxterandbella10 to save.


Company Swag


Have you seen our fun shirts? Now you can have one too. There are a variety of sizes and styles to choose from. Help spread the word about our puppy training program simply by walking around wearing cool gear. Check it out today! We appreciate your support! 


Find products we use and trust on AMAZON by clicking the links below. These are our favorite things when it comes to raising puppies! Be sure to pay attention to sizes especially with chew toys. Kongs for example come in several sizes. Make sure you buy one big enough your puppy can't swallow it. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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