"Achieving better animal ownership AND

experiencing the very best in canine companionship!"

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Hello, we are the Jensens, and we created The BAXTER & Bella Company to help animal owners successfully integrate a dog into their lives, their families and their homes!


In short, we love all things pet parenting and believe by helping families train their own dogs to be calm, well-mannered and better-behaved, more people will experience the joys of lifetime canine companionship, and more dogs will remain in loving homes where they belong!

As our labor of love, and your team of passionate pet professionals, we commit to doing everything we can in order to individually help you be successful and collectively impact the puppy populations and canine communities for good all around the world!


To provide dog owners with the proven training methods, materials and other resources necessary to become appropriately prepared, properly educated and sufficiently experienced in positive pet parenting, subsequently impacting our canine communities around the world for good and both achieving better animal ownership and experiencing the very best in canine companionship!


We will establish The BAXTER & Bella Company as the premier online puppy training and pet parenting program worldwide, successfully strengthening the relationships of animal owners with their canine companions, while also maintaining our family-friendly focus and holding true to the people, the puppies and the principles that matter the most to who we are, as well as who we strive to become!

In conclusion, the BAXTER & Bella Online Puppy School is our way, based upon our backgrounds in puppy raising, positive pet parenting, therapy and service dog training, in addition to our professional experience and education in the areas of individual mentoring, collective coaching, business best practices and curriculum development to help animal owners everywhere live their best lives together!


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Puppy in Training


As professional dog trainers, we are oftentimes asked about our training philosophy. You see, within dog training, there are many different approaches and not all are created equal. As science evolves, technology expands, and methods and materials improve, some dog trainers embrace updated ideas, enhanced understandings, improved methodologies and better applications, while others simply choose not to.


"Please know we are actively pursuing the best that science has to offer, as well as what our life experiences have to teach!"

What's more, we believe in force-free, backed-by-science training, centered around proven positive reinforcement principles, each with well-defined boundaries and realistic expectations, in addition to the pursuit of a lifetime of learning in order to enhance methods, improve materials and build better relationships throughout the future!


Additionally, we believe dogs are NOT robots, they can NOT be programmed, rather, they are living and breathing creatures, with minds of their own, who think for themselves, and like us, they deserve respect and to be treated humanely.

Moreover, we believe this mutual respect will successfully govern us in our animal relationships, helping us to act appropriate, be responsible, remain positive, have fun and work toward a lasting, rewarding and worthwhile canine companionship.


We believe "Whatever gets rewarded gets repeated!" and that by utilizing positive reinforcement techniques, which is a combination of food, treats, toys, time, touch, praise and attention will help us successfully strengthen our relationships with our dogs, and create lasting trust and ongoing respect.


We also believe proper boundaries, with well-defined rules and realistic routines are important in fostering the right canine coaching environment where learning can take place.


We believe it is important that our dogs know what we expect from them and through effective communication, using a proven method called marker training, dogs will learn what is wanted and also what isn't, which is very successful with practice, patience and persistence!


We believe it's vital for animal healthiness and happiness to teach puppies how to think on their own, even from very young ages, using free shaping techniques to encourage intellectual interaction by simply breaking desired behaviors into smaller steps and recognizing, rewarding and reinforcing their progress until they eventually figure out what is wanted.


In short summary, we love what we do, we believe in becoming better every single day, that life is an amazing journey to be enjoyed, and there are unlimited lessons to be learned!


Meet Our Owner & Creator...

Amy Jensen



Professional Educator

I received my professional degree from Utah State University in Mathematics Education and enjoyed the privilege of serving as a full-time teacher for multiple years. Throughout my experience in various capacities, and in working with kids from many diverse backgrounds, I learned how much I truly love helping others realize their full potential no matter the subject material. Teaching has been an amazing opportunity for me to observe that moment when the light turns on for an individual learner and they begin to better understand how to properly connect concepts for optimal outcomes. 


Professional Trainer

Now as a professional trainer, working with dogs has always been a dream of mine and I am blessed to be able to strategically combine this lifelong passion with my background in both education and curriculum development in order to effectively teach and efficiently train inside the dog world. I have an enthusiasm for working with others, a sincere commitment to excellence and I know first hand the key to successfully impacting the statistics on the number of pets that ultimately remain in loving homes where they belong hinges upon the community of many professionals who work to properly help coach animal owners everywhere how to connect, learn and teach others to live with their animals.


After turning my interest into a profession, families started contacting me to train their dogs for them, which set me on an ongoing adventure of seeking education and professional development in the dog training world. As I enjoyed the books, the classes, the mentors and of course, the teaching and the training time with the animals, I absolutely loved the learning and the implementing of it all by helping others. Through it all, I considered how I could have an even bigger influence for good and wanted to be able to send home resources and materials with every trained dog I worked with in order for the family to continue the training that had been taught and understand more completely the education their puppy received while in my care. I subsequently created the BAXTER & Bella company with hopes of sharing my training knowledge with as many new puppy parents as possible. Today, with a business that is growing and a commitment to continue forward, I am dedicated to providing the most current, up-to-date and impactful resources, tips, tricks, tools and techniques that are as much about teaching family pets how to appropriately act, as they are about coaching pet parents how to effectively train. In fact, here at BAXTER & Bella it's part of our DNA and will always be be who we are... successfully building positive and respective relationships with our animals as we continue to work toward becoming best friends through love and learning!


I have years of experience in the animal training world. In addition to currently training puppies for everyday family life, educating individuals through the use of my online puppy school and working one-on-one with clients in their homes, I have completed a semester of study in Animal Science at Utah State University, spent nine months training puppies at Puppy Steps Training in Northern Utah, apprentice trained for 18 months at Good Dog! Autism Companions and am now a professional service dog trainer for their organization. I continued my studies with the CATCH Training Academy and am a CTA Certified Dog Trainer (CCDT). I have learned so many things through these experiences and love sharing my knowledge with others in ways that will help those around me better puppy parent. I am also an AKC CGC Evaluator, professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), committed to using science-based, positive and force-free training methods. I train without the use of force, pain, fear, or intimidation.

In addition to the things listed above, I strongly believe in life-long learning and am currently enrolled in a Masters training program to enhance methods, improve materials and build better relationships throughout the future!

Wife & Mother

Along with being a math educator and puppy trainer, I am very blessed with the title of wife and mother. I am an enthusiastic stay-at-home mom who chooses to spend a portion of my time volunteering in classrooms for my three children, working with puppies, as well as creating educational materials for the everyday puppy owner. My dream is simple - I hope through teaching you how to pick a puppy, in addition to training the basic household manners, instilling the necessary obedience commands and introducing proper socialization skills I will be able to positively impact the number of dogs who will remain living in homes with their families where they belong.




Meet Our Business Manager 

Scott Jensen


"We created it JUST FOR YOU!"


Years ago, after our youngest child started school, I challenged my wife Amy, who indicated she would have some extra time on her hands, to find a problem and dedicate herself to fixing it. Almost immediately and without hesitation, Amy said,

"PUPPIES, I want to fix the puppy problem!"


Surprised, but not so surprised, I loved the excitement, enthusiasm, and determination I heard in her voice and the sincerity I felt in her response! In fact, knowing Amy, I knew this was not a quick and easy decision, but rather an honest and heartfelt answer to something she was passionate about, and I immediately realized right then and there this was going to become an active and ongoing quest for the rest of our lives!


Hello... my name is Scott and together with my amazing wife Amy, we are the owners and creators of BAXTER & Bella and run this business together from our home in Northern Utah. She is responsible for the teaching and the training and I help as much as I can with anything and everything else to best compliment all the great stuff she is doing. Overall, we've spent the last number of years building this business from a simple single puppy at a time effort, to a more complex kennels of dogs system, to creating a printed work book for individuals to use on their own, and now to designing and developing a sophisticated online puppy school that is as much about teaching dogs how to act, as it is about coaching pet parents how to train! All along, we have been learning, living and implementing the latest in dog training philosophies, working with other pet professionals and now understanding so much more about how to effectively communicate with our canine companions and efficiently teaching them how to best meet our needs and desires!


In truth, once you see the magnitude of awesomeness that has continually evolved and become the BAXTER & Bella company, it's no wonder our daily visitors are rising, our active memberships are growing, our PARTNERS are increasing and our methods are improving as we are working hard to have a positive impact on the canine community one animal and one pet family at a time. All-in-all, great things are happening every single day and together, with the help of so many incredible people, including all of our cute little family of five, we are beginning to make a real difference for good in the pet population as we strategically work toward achieving better animal ownership and experiencing the very best in canine companionship!