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Based on popular request, our BUY Direct and SAVE program provides you with the option to purchase each of your soon-to-be puppy parents our Lifetime MEMBERS ONLY Membership!


What's more, not only is it easy for you and super convenient for them - it's also our lowest available pricing anywhere (Currently priced at $110 per program).


  1. LOG OUT of the program if you are currently logged in!

  2. Fill out the submission form below for each of your upcoming pet families

  3. Instruct them to watch for our "Welcome... you can now log in!" email

  4. We will set up their accounts and send them the information for getting started

  5. We will conveniently invoice you directly at the lowest possible pricing!

  6. AND you have 60 days to pay the bill!

    • Providing families the ability to get started prior to picking up their puppy

    • And allowing you to wait to pay the invoice until you too have been paid!

Simply stated, when you BUY DIRECT from us, you not only purchase at the lowest allowable price per program, but your request is quickly processed, your puppy family is enrolled right away and your invoice isn't due for 60 days!

For each puppy parent you want to enroll into our Lifetime MEMBERS ONLY Membership, please fill out the form below, submit for processing and we will take care of the rest - thanks! 


If you are a MEMBERS ONLY user, prior to filing out this form, and in order to make sure it processes the information correctly, VERIFY you are not currently logged into your account, if so LOG OUT FIRST. If you see the "Log In" option at the top of the screen, you are good to proceed - thanks!

PARTNERS Buy Direct Puppy Parent Submission Form

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