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Our BUY DIRECT program allows you to conveniently enroll a family, friend or follower into our Lifetime membership so they can get started, and you receive and pay the invoice!

"I love the BUY DIRCT Program option as its an easy way to make sure all of my families are members of BAXTER & Bella - that way, when anyone contacts me with a training question, I can simply refer them on to BAXTER & Bella for the help they need as I've never been a trainer before."

"Whenever I have a family that really needs help and doesn't want to pay for training, I purchase the program for them and have found that not only do they end up loving it, but I feel better about them too!"

"For this makes things easy as my families get the program, and I don't have to deal with additional paperwork at tax time because I get the added discount up front, and this is just part of my puppy package."


  1. VERY IMPORTANT FIRST STEP... LOG OUT of your personal account prior to submitting this form!

  2. Fill in the contact information below for each family, friend or follower you want to activate an account for

  3. Once submitted, we set up their accounts and send them a welcome email with details for getting started​

  4. Afterwards, you will receive an emailed invoice ($128.50 USD each)... AND can pay directly from there!

In order for this submission form to work correctly, you will need to LOG OUT of your user account prior to submitting. In short, if you see the "Log In" option at the top of the screen, then you are good to proceed - thanks!

PARTNERS Buy Direct Pet Parent Submission Form

SUCCESS... we will begin processing your request now! Instruct this pet parent to watch for our "Welcome... you can now log in!" email! Let them know them know depending on their email settings, it may filter into a SPAM, promotional or junk folder - thank you!

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