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Welcome to the BAXTER & Bella PUPPY BITING Program! One of the most common canine challenges and concerns of new pet parents is PUPPY BITING. Although a very common behavior of younger dogs, it's usually NOT a sign of aggression, and instead is a puppy doing what they believe they are supposed to do, in order to get what they want to get. For example, a puppy that bites at your pants, ankles, shoes, etc... to get your attention and interaction! As part of our PUPPY BITING Program we will teach you about why it happens, how to better manage it, and most importantly what to do in order to successfully modify this unwanted behavior moving forward by teaching your puppy how to seek attention and interaction more politely! What's more, this step-by-step program is designed to also focus on teaching puppies proper bite inhibition and how to redirect their natural mouthing tendencies into more appropriate behaviors using positive reinforcement tips, tricks, tools and techniques. In fact, when provided with the proper tools, and in using the proven exercises, you and your dog will learn the difference between gentle play and excessive biting, as you work together toward achieving better animal ownership AND experiencing the very best in canine companionship!

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