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BAXTER & Bella How to Pick Your Puppy

A FREE digital download with tips and tricks of finding the right dog!

When you see the litter, they'll all be cute. Here's what we suggest...

Pick My Puppy

First and foremost, if you are working with a professional pet provider who wants to be involved and knows their puppies' personalities well, their input in the process is unbelievably worthwhile - they know these dogs best, on good days and bad, and can recommend who is  best for you. As such, if they want to be involved in the process, we strongly encourage you to work directly with them, help them understand what you are looking for and how you see living life with your canine companion, as they know best which of all the puppies in the litter will most successfully meet your needs and lifestyle!

On the contrary however, if your pet provider chooses not to be involved, our HOW TO PICK MY PUPPY digital download includes what we suggest on how you should begin to decide....

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