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Easily introduce your families, friends and followers to BAXTER & Bella in a non-pushy, worthwhile and rewarding (they receive some awesome FREE Resources) way!

"For me the AUTOMATED EMAIL INTRODUCTION Program has been an easy way for me to introduce my families to BAXTER & Bella, and in addition to the free helpful resources, families also received a personal invitation to become a member with my discount code!"

 - Inform your families they will be receiving a few emails from us with helpful FREE resources
 - Fill out the form below for each family you want to enroll and who receive the FREE resources
 - Our system will then automatically email them the following (3) messages...

EMAIL #1 - Immediately after submission

Podcast Cover.jpg


Enjoyed weekly by tens of thousands of pet families worldwide and known for its convenience and real-life practicality, our FREE podcast is the perfect audio compliment to dog training, including episodes on Getting Ready, New Puppy Rules, Your Brand New Puppy, The First Few Days, Puppy Biting, Effective Socialization, Solving Any Dog Problem, And so much more!

EMAIL #2 - 7 days after submission

B&B Family Meeting - A MUST HAVE Page 1.

An invitation to have a family meeting...

Providing pet families with a FREE copy of our very popular family meeting agenda, which is a proven way to properly prepare for successful dog ownership by coordinating plans and includes the following interactive sections:

  • Choosing a Primary Pet Parent

  • Talking about the importance of Keeping it Positive

  • Having realistic expectations

  • Communicating effectively, including our Common Language Cards

  • Establishing needed rules and routines

  • Making a plan for when your puppy needs to go potty

  • Playing a fun "Free Shaping" game

  • Preparing for the big day!

EMAIL #3 - 14 days after submission

B&B The Online Puppy School.jpg

An invitation to join The Online Puppy School with your discount code!

Our Lifetime Unlimited Membership never expires, includes unlimited access to everything we offer and is designed to be as much about teaching dogs how to act, as it is about coaching your families on how to successfully train.

  • 75+ step-by-step lessons

  • Hundreds of how-to video demonstrations

  • Printable charts & checklists

  • Socialization ideas & activities

  • Training games & best practices

  • No cost one-on-one coaching sessions with our trainers

  • Ongoing classes & courses

  • And so much more!

In order for this submission form to work correctly, you will need to LOG OUT of your user account prior to submitting. In short, if you see the "Log In" option at the top of the screen, then you are good to proceed - thanks!


WAHOO - thanks for submitting! Also, as a reminder, please inform your families you have arranged for them to receive a few FREE training resources from BAXTER & Bella, which will be emailed out directly to them and depending on their inbox settings may filter into a spam, promotional or junk email - thanks!

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