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The best way for us to meet other great pet professionals like you is through great pet professionals like you - so what do you say about referring a friend to also work with us?

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If you know someone who would appreciate the value of what we offer - we ask you to help introduce us by filling out our PARTNERS Referral Bonus Submission Form below.

What's more, we provide a PARTNERS Referral Bonus each time one of your referrals joins our PARTNERS program and their unique discount code is used the first time first time to purchase a lifetime memberships... it's our way of sincerely saying thank you, and our hope is you will use some of the money to join with us in making a difference for good in your local canine community!

"As we each do a little locally, together we accomplish a lot globally!"


  1. VERY IMPORTANT FIRST STEP... LOG OUT of your personal account prior to submitting this form!

  2. Fill in the needed information below for each of your pet professional referrals

  3. Follow up with your referral to let them know we will be contacting them!

In order for this submission form to work correctly, you will need to LOG OUT of your user account prior to submitting. In short, if you see the "Log In" option at the top of the screen, then you are good to proceed - thanks!

PARTNERS Referral Bonus Submission Form

Enter the referring potential PARTNERS information below and we will take it from there... and don't worry we will professionally contact them and follow up with you as necessary moving forward. Anyhow, thank you for helping us share all that BAXTER & Bella has to offer and know we recognize and appreciate your efforts!

Thanks for submitting!

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