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Here at BAXTER & Bella we are super passionate about...

  • Helping families achieve better animal ownership and experience the very best in canine companionship!

  • Finding joy in the GIFT of GIVING!

We invite you to join with us this Holiday Season in helping more families build better relationships with their dogs by running a holiday social media promotion and gifting someone in need our LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!

We are calling this The GIFT of GIVING and sponsoring a BAXTER & Bella LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for each of our PARTNERS to give away between now and December 21st (must be submitted by the 21st) - just in time for the holidays!


  • Watch this video

  • Images you can share on your social media page:

GIFT of GIVING Image 1.jpg

Click HERE for an image file!

GIFT of GIVING Image 2.jpg

Click HERE for an image file!

GIFT of GIVING Image 3.jpg

Click HERE for an image file!

  • VERY IMPORTANT STEP ... LOG OUT of your personal account prior to submitting this form!

  • Fill in the needed information below so we can create and activate a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for your chosen recipient

  • Once submitted, we will set up their account and send them a welcome email with the details of how best to get started


SUCCESS... we will begin processing your request! Please instruct your family to watch for our welcome email, which may filter into a spam, promotional or junk folder.

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