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What do you want your dog to do?

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Sometimes we focus only on what we want our dog to STOP doing....stop biting, stop chewing, stop barking, stop jumping, etc. What if you turned things around and focused on what you want your dog TO do instead? This is a trick in dog training and it can work for you! For example, let’s say your dog jumps on visitors when you open the front door. Instead of thinking, I want my dog to stop jumping on people, think, “I wish my dog would sit when he greets a stranger.”

Now that you know what you want your dog TO do, you can start training that behavior. I taught my schnorkie to sit on a designated chair when the doorbell rings and he is not to get off of that chair (implied stay) until I release him. Now I can open my door, greet my guests, invite them in and not worry that my little dog will pester them for attention. It takes time and persistence but it can be trained. The trick is to focus on what you want your dog TO do instead of what you don’t.

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