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Whatever gets rewarded, gets repeated!

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Do you ever catch your puppy doing something you really like? When I am working in my kitchen preparing a meal or a snack, oftentimes my pup will come over to where I am and lie down on the floor in a completely relaxed fashion. I LOVE this behavior! It is WAY better than counter surfing - jumping on the counter to find something yummy - and I didn’t even command him to do it. He did it on his own.

In dog training, I know that if I want my dog to repeat a behavior, all I need to do is make sure he gets rewarded for it. When my puppy lies down on the kitchen floor and chills while I am cooking, he always gets a treat, usually a cheerio, frozen pea, piece of string cheese, hot dog or carrot. I try to mix up what he gets and how frequently he gets it. This behavior is now an expectation whenever I am in the kitchen and he joins me while I work.

Try paying close attention to your dog today. When you notice him doing something on his own that you really like, reward him for it. I bet he’ll do it again!

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