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Build a Bond

By Amy

Each time a new puppy comes to our home for training I am reminded of the importance of building a bond with them, not just on the first day, but every day. Building a relationship of mutual trust and respect is crucial in the training process. A dog who respects you listens to you and is willing to go to work for you. Isn't that what we want our puppies to do? The bond is key.

What do I mean by a bond? I teach my puppies I am kind. I show them love in the way I speak and act. I demonstrate how to be calm. They quickly learn I reward good behavior but don't tolerate naughty behavior. I do this in an appropriate way without force or pain. A strong no or quick uh-uh is usually enough to catch attention enough to redirect the puppy onto something better.

We spend time training then we play. We have fun together. I take time to rub him down and touch each paw pad, ear and leg. We relax together.

I aso make sure to give him his own time and teach him sometimes we need to be apart but we can remain calm during that separation. Alone time is good. It makes being together all the better.

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