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Why Online Dog Training?

Hey everyone, welcome to the Puppy training podcast! My goal is to share tips and tricks to help you on your dog training journey. I want it to be fun and rewarding so here we go.

I get asked a lot about why online training? Simply put, why not? Times are changing and technology is incredible. The ability to do what we do today is exciting and something new - as life changes, so do we. We adapt, we find ways to increase effectiveness and productivity. Why not in the space of dog training?

Let me explain how BAXTER & Bella came to be and why we do what we do.

We started BAXTER & Bella years before COVID hit. We began locally creating and refining, checking with family and friends, then neighbors and community members. In 2019 we pushed it nationwide once we had a well-working platform. Many people doubted us and said online training couldn’t be done - but now with the pandemic we are seeing more and more realize that yes in fact online learning is effective and useful!

Online is convenient. You can do it from the comforts and conveniences of home… or anywhere you would like.

  • After a long day of work, pet parents don’t have to load the dog up, get back into the car, travel downtown, find a parking space, etc..

  • The entire family can easily participate.

  • Because it’s video-based, it can be recorded and referenced back to again and again.

Clients need to be able to see what I’m doing and I need to be able to see what they are doing - we can do that via zoom from the comfort of home.

We can widely educate many people on best practices for raising a happy healthy canine companion. I started by training puppies for families in my home then transferring the training to them after the first few months. I helped 2-3 families a year. I wanted to do more. So my husband Scott and I created The Online Puppy School to show others exactly what we do to train a puppy, allowing them to do it themselves, saving them thousands. And, we are able to help so many more families. We’ve helped thousands of families and hope to help thousands more.

A few of the things we offer via our online training program are videos, DIY lessons, email access to our trainers, classes and courses, LIVE one-on-one help and group support.

First, videos - we make these of the puppies we work with. We record classes and one-on-one sessions to share real-life moments and how to handle them. I’m always looking for that next puppy to get a good video with that will help address a client’s question. All videos are accessible through our website.

DIY lessons

  • No pressure to go at a pace that is dictated by others - you move through the curriculum at your schedule and at a pace that works best for you and your dog, which one day may be faster than another, which is OK because you’re in charge of your own learning.

  • This allows you to go back, review, practice and watch as many times as needed. No need to try and write everything down, we’ve done that for you.

You may ask questions via email and get a trainer’s response quickly - anytime of the week.

We offer classes & courses on demand - watch when you want!

If your schedule allows, attend LIVE Classes & Courses and interact with us! We put you on video to demonstrate and interact with you via chat or audio.

A favorite feature of our membership is LIVE! HELP with professional trainers, as much as you want, as often as you need and individually personalized to you and your dog! We have a great team here at Baxter & Bella willing to help at any time. Our trainers are certified through Bergin University in Canine Studies, CATCH Academy, Fear Free and more. They live from coast to coast in different time zones which helps you connect with them when it works for you.

Gain group support from others on the same level as you and your dog - it is fun to meet others experiencing similar things to you with their dogs. We connect you via groups and allow you, with the help of our trainers, to offer support to each other! We love our community.

Okay, Amy, that all is amazing but what about my dog meeting other dogs? Don’t they need to be in class with other dogs to learn?

In addition to what we offer in our program, we highly encourage you to find canine playmates for your dog. Set up puppy play dates that are appropriate and fun for your dog. Even attend a local class so your dog gets to be around other dogs and realize they can in fact still focus on you when other dogs are present. You’ll find your dog is the star of class after learning a few of our basics. We are happy to help you make these connections and fully support the work in-person trainers do!

We view our online training as your educational resource for all you need to know to be successful. How you then practice and accomplish it can be flexible! We know everyone’s learning styles are different and agree hands on help is sometimes needed. Why not pair the two together for maximum support for you?

Your membership is good for life. We never kick you out or charge you again. Our goal is to help you succeed at building a relationship with your dog you both enjoy. Many join our program, get initial puppy help, then come back once adolescence appears. It is so fun to watch you guys make progress and we adore the success videos you share with us.

I hope that explains it - why we do what we do. I sincerely thank you for supporting us in our efforts and allowing us to work with you and your dog! Even if you just come to the podcast to gain a little insight here or there, training tips and tricks, I appreciate you being willing to learn how to give your dog the best life possible.

Thanks for listening and happy training!

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1 commentaire

07 févr. 2023

BAXTER & Bella online training is awesome - lifetime access to so much great content, incredible resources and unbelievable trainers to help - LOVE IT!

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