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BAXTER & Bella Survival Guide

What to do when everything is crazy and simply surviving is key!

THE SIMPLE FACT IS THIS... You become a dog trainer the moment you bring a canine companion home!



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Although training a dog is super exciting, it can also be extremely overwhelming, especially if you have never done this before... AND this is why we created our FREE 8-page pet parent SURVIVAL GUIDE!

  • Preparing for your puppy

  • Recommended equipment and supplies

  • Potty training

  • Feeding

  • Setting a routine

  • Getting and keeping your puppy's attention

  • Puppy Biting 

  • How to teach puppy manners

  • Best practices for training 

  • Puppy training tips and tricks 

  • A list of our favorite toys and treats

  • and lots more!

It is strategically designed and developed to help you focus on what you need to know and do when everything else seems chaotic right now and survival is key!

Our invitation to you then is to fill out our simple form below and subsequently be redirected to a page where you can then download our FREE digital copy! 

Get your FREE Puppy Survival Guide


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