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with our easy-to-use and fun-to-follow online program!


So, you might be asking...


PUPPY PROBLEM InfoGraphic Timeline.jpg

FIGURE 1: Puppy Timeline illustrating the PUPPY PROBLEM

It's the consequential GAP in training...

between the time a puppy leaves the breeder home and when most new pet parents begin to understand they need help!

Regarding training, many new animal owners admit to not knowing what to do, not understanding why it’s important and, more often than not, deciding to wait and see until later if it’s really necessary and subsequently only choosing to seek professional help, in the way of classes and courses, after their puppy begins to cause problems, has already picked up some bad behaviors and is likely entering the challenging doggy adolescence phase!

Avoid the PUPPY PROBLEM...

start training your canine companion today from the convenience of your own home, at a pace that works for you and your puppy and with all the help needed from the entire BAXTER & Bella team of professionals!

This is what we do and WE WANT TO HELP YOU! 

FIGURE 2: Pet-parent Timeline with our Step-By-Step Program

B&B Curriculum Roadmap Master Image.png

SPECIALIZING in a Smooth and Seamless Transition...


Many amazing breeders give their puppies such a wonderful head start, beginning with early neurological stimulation, providing important socialization experiences, introducing marker training (with either a clicker or a verbal word such as "YES!"), establishing good initial housetraining habits and so much more!

It's important you are ready to take over once your puppy comes home!


PUPPY PREP's Intro & Prep Units are intended to be completed BEFORE you pick up your puppy and will prepare you to know what to do, to understand why it's important and to get started right away!


Then, once you and your puppy are ready, and from the convenience of your own home, the step-by-step program, including more than 60 individualized lessons plans and the embedded video demonstrations, will teach you how to successfully train your dog to be that well-mannered and better-behaved canine companion you have been wanting as together you work toward "Becoming best friends through love and learning!"



"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!"

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