with our easy-to-use and fun-to-follow online puppy school!

When industry leaders come together to make an impact for good in the worldwide canine community!

BAXTER & Bella and WALA are excited to partner together in order to successfully help PET SOCIETY families achieve better animal ownership and experience the very best in canine companionship!

"'s like having a professional dog trainer in your home!"

What will YOUR DOG learn with our training program?

  • Marker Training (YES & No)

  • Attention & Focus on YOU!

  • Impulse Control & Patience

  • Sit & Down

  • Come & Stay

  • Wait & Leave it

  • Drop

  • Let's Go (loose-leash walking)

  • Kennel & Place

  • To be calm, well-mannered and better behaved

  • And so much MORE!​

What will YOU learn with our training program?

  • How to set up your home for canine companionship

  • How to effectively pet parent as part of everyday living

  • How to housetrain your puppy for lifelong success

  • How to teach your dog basic manners & obedience

  • How to socialize your puppy for healthiness & happiness

  • How to successfully communicate with your dog

  • How to teach your canine companion to listen & respond

  • How to teach your puppy to be calm & patient

  • How to prevent barking, biting, chewing & jumping

  • How to do all this and so much MORE!

"It's as much about teaching your dog how to act, as it is about coaching you on how to train!"


"What is BAXTER & Bella and why did you decide to create it?"


"A do-it-yourself dog training website that is as much about teaching your dog how to act, as it is about coaching you how to train...


AND, it was created in order to help pet families achieve better animal ownership and experience the very best in canine companionship!"

Click on the image to see what's included!


"How much does the lifetime membership cost and how do I join?"


"Lifetime MEMBERS ONLY All Access is regularly priced at $238, but with the "WALA" discount code, you can purchase today with an instant 25% savings - simply click below to BECOME A MEMBER, add the lifetime membership to your cart, enter your discount code, check out and begin enjoying all the methods, materials and resources included!"

"When is the best time to get started?"


To best prepare and achieve your desired results, our online puppy school was designed for you to begin prior to picking up your pup. In fact, the first two units (see below) focus on introducing you to successful animal ownership and what to do to properly prepare!

Our INTRODUCTION Unit teaches new pet parents, even before their canine companion arrives home, the basics of positive reinforcement dog training and while it's mostly reading, the purpose is to establish a base-level understanding of the training tips, tricks, tools and techniques that will lead to success!

Our PREPARATION Unit outlines how to set up your house for optimal outcomes and helps you arrange the other important things necessary to get started in the right direction, including, but certainly not limited to; shopping lists, curriculum charts & checklists, as well as the very popular SURVIVAL GUIDE - what you need to know right now when everything is happening quickly and survival is key!

Review the complete curriculum HERE!


"What's included in Lifetime MEMBERS ONLY All Access?"


"The membership never expires and includes unlimited lifetime use of EVERYTHING!"

What are current puppy parents saying about

Lifetime MEMBERS ONLY Access?

I cannot say enough good about this program! I am a first time dog owner and had no idea where to begin. This program gave me the direction I needed. We have used the program for four months and our puppy is now six months old. I am frequently getting compliments from family, friends, pet care professionals, and strangers about how well behaved our dog is for being a puppy.   ~A.Fadel

I highly recommend this training program! I love the practical tips and the ‘learn at your pace’ format. The combination of written information and videos is really nice. I also had a specific problem with my puppy with the training and contacted Amy. She was quick to respond with a thorough, personalized response. Love it!   ~Angela

I highly recommend Baxter & Bella to every dog owner! I am a first time dog owner, but the resources are excellent for any dog owner at any age. When we got our Cavapoo puppy we decided to enroll at the local pet store for training classes. The classes were good, but Baxter & Bella has been so much better!! The curriculum is both more in-depth and broad. We also considered hiring a personal dog trainer, but Baxter & Bella is much more affordable, long-term, and based on my schedule. I love the videos because I can watch them over again by myself or with my children. You can’t do that at the pet store. The LIVE! Office hours were amazing! I asked all my individualized questions and received answers and encouragement I needed, including links to her videos. The range of services available is excellent, for times when I want to go in-depth or when I need a quick answer using the Search feature. I feel 100% supported in training my puppy now and for years to come. I do not think I could receive better service anywhere else. Thank you!   ~Melanie 

A few reasons why you will absolutely LOVE IT!

Lifetime Access

  • LESSONS & VIDEOS: More than 75 lessons, well over 100 how-to videos demonstrations, printable charts & checklists and much more!

  • GAMES & ACTIVITIES: Simple, fun games to start playing right away that teach your puppy patience.

  • RESOURCE LIBRARY: A collection of our favorite articles and other helpful information​.

  • VIDEO ARCHIVES: All training videos in one convenient location.

  • PARENT FORUM: A private Facebook Group where you can connect with others just like you!

Resources Galore

  • INTRO Unit: Training The Trainer

  • PREP Unit: Getting Ready

  • New Puppy Parent Survival Guide

  • How to Set Up Your House

  • Family Planning Meeting

  • House Training Charts

  • Socialization Checklists

  • Goal Setting Sheets

  • 12-Month Puppy Health Timeline

  • Master Puppy Practice Chart

  • PDF Checklists for Each Lesson

  • Vocabulary Flashcards

  • Early Start Tips & Tricks

  • Sample Daily Schedules

  • Lesson & Unit Self Evaluations

LIVE! Support

  • LIVE! CANINE COACHING: Included Events, Classes and Courses with tips, tricks, tools and techniques to achieve success!

  • LIVE! OFFICE HOURS: Included one-on-one individualized video training sessions with our team of pet training professionals!

  • LIVE! WEEKLY Q&A: Included open format weekly Q&A sessions with our BAXTER & Bella team!

  • ASK THE TRAINER... FAQ: Ask us your questions and receive your answers directly from us on anything and every dog ownership!

NO DOUBT, proper and positive pet parenting takes time, energy and effort; it's no easy task, but you can totally do this and the good news is...



In fact, we've created the best online puppy training program so you can spend more time enjoying your new canine companion and less time worrying about what to do, how to do it and whether or not it's all that important!

"Really... we've made it super simple JUST FOR YOU! Think of it as your one-stop-shop for everything needed in order to raise your puppy right!"

Oh yea, and did we mention...

Lifetime MEMBERS ONLY Access

includes unlimited use of everything we offer!

75+ Step-By-Step Lessons

LIVE! Classes & Courses


Professional Help

100+ How-To Videos

Fun Training

Games & Activities

What's more, we believe in...


force-free training methods!

positive reinforcement with well-defined boundaries and realistic expectations!

lifelong learning to enhance methods, improve materials and build better relationships throughout the future!

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Baxter & Bella came highly recommended to me when I was looking to buy a new puppy. I was so overwhelmed and am I so grateful that I chose to use them to help me through! I have gotten so many tips that have made the process of training a puppy fun instead of scary.   

~Kendra, California

I LOVE this website! It has made training so doable - I never would have been able to get this puppy and keep my sanity without the detailed program you provide. The videos are amazing and make it so easy. I will be recommending this website to anyone I know who is getting a dog!   ~Alexa, Arizona

At first we were most excited about the low price! Nobody could beat it. So, we took a chance. Then the amount of content was unbelievable. So many great recommendations on which products to buy. I dove right in and made sure I followed every video to the best of my ability. She even has charts that I was able to track his behaviors.   ~Ryan, Utah

Start training today . . .

and we'll show you how!

A lifetime of unlimited access TO EVERYTHING WE OFFER!




Our number one goal is to help you successfully train your puppy by providing all the resources you will need from the very beginning onward. If for some reason you are unable to afford our regular program price, please CONTACT US directly for a scholarship!

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