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Sensitive Stomach?

Does your puppy have an upset stomach? Try giving him one tablespoon of 100% pure pumpkin puree with his food. Pumpkin is full of fiber and helps regulate your puppy’s digestive tract. Puppies love the taste of pumpkin and it helps settle uneasiness in the stomach. Another thing you can try is to add a probiotic to his meal. Some puppy foods are equipped with a probiotic in them while others you need to add a supplement. A spoonful of yogurt can help as well. Have you tried sweet potatoes? That is a wonderful natural solution as well.

Still having issues? Feed your puppy a rice with chicken broth diet as a substitute for his regular meal until his stools are back to normal. Make sure your pup has access to plenty of water; try to keep him hydrated. If his condition does not improve within 24 hours, give your vet a call. Your puppy may need antibiotics to rid his colon of harmful bacteria in order to improve.

Have you taken your pup to the vet, did the whole antibiotic thing and he still has loose stools? It may be a food sensitivity. It's common for pups to be sensitive to chicken, wheat, corn, soy, and a variety of other ingredients. Talk to your vet about switching your pup's food for something lower in fat, higher in fiber, without wheat, corn, soy or even possibly a different protein source. It's a bit of a frustrating guessing game at that point. You can begin feeding him only his food until his stools return to normal, then slowly add in one extra thing per day until you figure out what he is sensitive to. The vet can also administer a saliva test to determine your pet's sensitivities.

NOTE: With new puppies, keep them on the same food the breeder fed them for at least two months to help alleviate upset stomachs due to diet changes. If you do decide to then switch foods, gradually introduce the new food over several days according to package directions. Do not swap it out all at once or you’ll have some not so fun messes to clean up.

Hope that helps - Remember to bookmark this post for when you need it! To learn more tips and tricks for your new pup, visit our website at We’d love to teach you more!

Happy Training!


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