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Training Pupdate #5

The kiddos are back in school which means several things. Our house is pretty quiet, there are fewer dishes to do, the doors open and close less often and overall the house stays cleaner...but boy do we miss them! Boots LOVES when the kids come home and so do I. We do have more time to focus on training though and for Boots that's a good thing. He's working hard on new behaviors and doing really well! 

In fact, this week we worked with Boots on the following...

- Lesson 1.11 BELL TRAINING (OK so this week was CrAzY and we'll be doing this again for the next few days!)

- Lesson 2.11 "PLACE" (He was able to go to his place with me six feet away. This week I want to up it to ten!)

- Lesson 4.3 "RESOURCE GUARDING" (Boots let out a low growl when a teenager closed in on his space while chewing a toy this week. Red flag to me! So we practiced lots of object exchanges first with me, then my kids, then strangers. We'll continue to practice this so he doesn't feel the need to protect his things. He needs to learn to share.) 

This week we plan on completing the following:

- Lesson 1.11 BELL TRAINING (Really! I'm going to do this!)

- Lesson 2.14 "SAY HI" (This is new to Boots so we will start practicing on leash greeting others only when asked.)

- Lesson 2.15 "LEAVE IT" (Boots is doing fairly well with impulse control but we can do more. So this week I am focusing on this lesson and working on getting Boots to leave something alone - remove all attention from it - when asked.)

As you can see, sometimes life happens and plans change. That's ok! Do your best to adjust and focus on becoming better each week at something. I'm working on it right along side of you.

Also this Wednesday at 1:00 PM Mountain I'm continuing a 6-week Canine Coaching series "TRAINING 101" which is a weekly online puppy class for members. I hope to see as many of you there as can make it. I will record it as well and post it on the Canine Coaching page for those of you who can't attend. Topics this week include: come, body handling, resource guarding, kids & leash walking. 

As always, if you have any comments or questions, please contact us online at BAXTER & Bella and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Happy Training,


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